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(Bundles exclude Ximphonic Versus and Pinpoint Collected Edition, they are an added bonus)

Sample Bundle 80 comics - 140.00 + Shipping
10 copies of ea. title including 1:10 Dealer Incentives
Bonus Books: 1 Copy of Ximphonic Versus



Fantastic Bundle 120 comics - 190.00 + Shipping                    SAVE $25.00
15 copies of ea. title including 1:10 & 1:15 Dealer Incentives
Bonus Books: 1 Copy of Ximphonic Versus, 2 copies of Pinpoint Collected Edition




Ultimate Bundle 160 comics - 270.00 with FREE SHIPPING   SAVE $50.00
20 copies of ea. title including 1:10 & 1:15 Dealer Incentives Bonus Books: 2 Copy of Ximphonic Versus, 3 copies of Pinpoint Collected Edition




Cover A                                   Cover B                                   Cover C

Week 3 - 11/18

The Edge #2
Cover A

SRP: $2.99

Two members of the strike team have fallen. Revenant is still on the loose. Team members Blain, Mystic, and Randa have another showdown with Revenant. Now it is round 2 of Blain vs Revenant.

Cover B 1:10 Variant
Cover C 1:15 Virgin Variant








Blowtorch (One Shot)

Cover A
SRP: $2.99

From the pages of C.H.E.S.S. Blowtorch takes a personal mission to save the woman he's once in love with.
From a out-of-control government experiment.
















Week 4 - 11/25

Ximphpnic Versus #1

SRP: $24.99

In A Baroque And Gothic World, Ruled By Victorian Dynasties, Modern City Kingdom's, Magical Beings And Mystical Swords Of Power. A Prince Is Seeking To Defeat Death, And Alter Fate. As An Ancient Darkness Has Returned To The Mortal World. Forcing Him To Choose Between Two Evil's, And The Woman he Loves.

148 pgs Full Color Square Bound











Collected Edition

SRP: $6.99

Written by Alfred Paige. Art Edson Alves. A story about the over-aggressive over cocky James Washington also known as Pinpoint who goes to a criminal Island to rescue a friend who turns out to be his enemy. James Washington grew up in a rough world, forcing him to be a rough man. He learned early on the streets of Brooklyn to survive behind his skills with a gun. Now working as a black ops operative for Avery Davis, James gets to use his intimidating nature as well as his instincts with a gun, as he takes on a mission where both skills are needed to keep him alive. To save a friend from his days in the army, he must travel to an island filled with criminals. But it’s not the criminals he needs to worry about. And now being re-release with Second Sight Studios as a collectors trade.

72 Pgs