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Cover A.                            Cover B.                            Cover C.

Cult of Dracula #1
Deep Discount Bundle

50 Copies of Cover A
10 Copies of Cover B
(1:5 variant, Georges Jeanty)
  1 Copy of Cover C
(1:50 Virgin Variant, Chris Callahan)

$73.00 + Shipping



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Take Advantage of this Special Series Bundle Order
Get Issues 1-6 of the Complete Series and SAVE! We are giving
Retailers the
Deep Discount of 60% off if they pre order now, Save on shipping.
This Offer Expires 7/13/2020

Here is what you receive in this Bundle -
Issue 1 Bundle & Issues 2 through 6 which
features a 1:25 Chris Callahan Virgin Variant.

#1 - 50 Copies of Cover A, 10 Copies of Cover B, and 1 Copy of Cover C
#2 thru #6 - 25 Copies of Cover A, 1 Copy of Cover B

Cult of Dracula Series Bundle
(includes a discount on shipping)


Lady Freedom #1
Deep Discount Bundle

Official #1 Release

20 Copies of Cover A

$24.00 + Shipping



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Book of Lyaxia #1
Deep Discount Bundle

Official #1 Release

30 Copies of Cover A
  2 Copies of Cover B

$38.00 + Shipping



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Cover A.                              Cover B.