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Quinn McGowan (known to friends as "The Mighty Quinn," "TattQ" or "Quotable Quinn McGowan") is a comic book creator, veteran of the United States Marine Corps, licensed tattoo artist, visual artist and performer with the Memphis-based hip hop group the Iron Mic Coalition (IMC). His visual mediums include body art, digital art, paint and his first love, comic art.

He is the creator of Project: Wildfire, was the artist responsible for Heroes International, and is hard at work on the upcoming science fiction fantasy epic Son of the Iron Mic, while also providing the cover for Menthu: The Anger of Angels

Quinn illustrated a story in the Ringo Award-winning Planned Parenthood anthology Mine! A Celebration of Freedom and Liberty For All.

His artwork can be seen in the Disney+ series Flora & Ulysses.

Quinn lives in Memphis, TN with his wife and three children.

SSP Print Manager Spike Jarrell interviews Hannibal Tabu & Quinn McGowan the creators behind Project Wilderfire.

   Spike: What is Project Wildfire?
Hannibal/Quinn: Project Wildfire follows Will Watson the 3rd, a college student who unexpectedly got super powers from a
medical experiment just in time to fight a wave of giant
monsters stalking the streets of his southern hometown.

So is Wildfire an Ongoing series or a limited run?

   Hannibal/Quinn: Its a maxi series, 16 issues in all. These will total up to 5 trade paper backs.


   Spike: Do you have anything like special covers or cover artists you want to reveal?

   Hannibal/Quinn: Yes we do - Ray Anthony Height (Star Wars: Dr. Aphra Devil Girl and Dinosaur) Sean Damion Hill (Marvel Voices) Jeremy Simser (storyboard artist: WandaVision, Doctor Strange II, DPII and more) Canaan White (Monica Rambeau, Big Hero Six)


   Spike: So solicitation is set for September 2021 Previews which is a November 2021 in store date, is there anything special planned for the release.

   Hannibal/Quinn: The short answer is yes, but folks will just have to wait a bit longer for a reveal.


   Spike: Are we planning a Pre-Order Incentive?

  Hannibal/Quinn: It's in the works and we will have more on that as soon as we can.


    Spike: Thanks guys, I am looking forward to reading the book. I plan to put it on my pull list too.

    Hannibal/Quinn: Your welcome.

"Project Wildfire means a lot to me," said McGowan. "The lead character is named after my grandfather, who had me watching his favorite wrestler Tommy Rich every weekend. Faze, the main heroine in the book, is patterned after my wife. There's a lot of Orange Mound and the city Hannibal and I call home as a character in the book."

Hannibal was the winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, writer of New Money for Canon Comics, Waso: Will To Power for Stranger Comics, four issues of Project: Wildfire for Legends Press, three issues of Menthu for Hometown Studios and co-writer of an issue of Watson & Holmes (alongside 2 Guns writer Steven Grant) for New Paradigm Studios. In 2015, he wrote the Aspen Source books for the makers of Fathom, Soulfire and Executive Assistant Iris.

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