Cult of Dracula #1

1:5 Georges Jeanty House of Secrets Homage
1:50 Chris Callahan Variant

In Stores: 9/23/2020

"It's witchy. It's wyrd. It's helter skelter within a hippie Cult dedicated to an ancient blood Goddess."

Cult of Dracula is a re-imagining of the traditional Stoker tale set within the bounds of a Charles Manson inspired cult. You may know Bram Stoker's genre defining classic by heart, but you have no idea where Cult of Dracula is going! It's a vampire book. It's a cult book. It explores these horror sub-genres through myths from many cultures throughout history. The issue 1 offering has a 1:5 variant and a 1:50 Chris Callahan Variant.


ORDER SKU: SSPCOD00107292020

Lady Freedom #1

New Release Steranko Homage

In Stores: 9/23/2020

A Native American US Army Sgt. Natalie Cloudrider has donned a mask and has become the symbol of Truth, Justice and well Freedom for the Country and in her first real mission Lady Freedom must face down the Villainess Black Valkyrie and her henchmen. Join the adventure and explore the Freedomverse's flagship title.


ORDER SKU: SSPLF00107292020

Book of Lyaxia #1

1:15 Virgin Variant

In Stores: 9/23/2020

The Book of Lyaxia is a fantasy comic book series about different pantheons of Gods interacting in the vein of Game of Thrones. Greek, Egyptian, Norse etc. Gods live on the same plane of existence and are stuck in a constant conflict. This six issue first arc will follow the journey of two royal brothers Chronos and Deimos Lyaxia as they fight their own internal demons, the secrets between them that could deteriorate or destroy their relationship. All of this while the other families are gunning for their throne as their father is away on a war campaign of his own. Who is good? Who is bad? Does it matter?


ORDER SKU: SSPBOL00108052020