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Who is Second Sight...

SSP was created by Bradley Golden back in 2016 and began building on an early catalog of Horror Comic Stories. As he developed his own personal brand he signed on with Antarctic Press and Brought his stories to a larger audience, as well as meeting other creators/writers like John Crowther, Larry Spike Jarrell and Peter Breau. All the while teaming up with Marcus H. Roberts and launching Mississippi Zombie, which now is headed to it's 3rd issue and is published from Caliber Comics.


Second Sight Publishing is striving to build a catalog of new, intriguing, exciting and enjoyable titles that draw in our readers and keep our fans engaged. It
is our goal to maintain a level of quality story and art to everyone coming back for more. Our overall focus is to be a house of many great titles across all genres. We have our horror imprint as Second Sight Presents, and our Sci-Fi/Adventure imprint is Secondverse, and lastly our hero imprint is the Freedomverse. We will soon open up our all age imprint named Second Sight Playground.


We are the future of Indie Comics because we are tying to give indie creators of all ethnicity and genders a voice, a way to get their creations seen by the a larger more receptive audience.


Bradley Golden

CEO & President

Founder Second Sight Publishing





Marcus H. Roberts

Publishing Manager

Submissions Director




Peter Breau

Director of Social Media
& Public Relations

Assistant Editor in Chief
Secondverse Titles





Valerie Golden

Financial Officer

Larry 'Spike' Jarrell

Print Manager

Art Director

Editor in Chief
Secondverse & Freedomverse Titles

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